Deb H.

“We have a Doorhickey on the sliding door of our camper, so when we have our hands full we can just slide it open with our elbow.   My grandkids and I love it!”

Donna & Weldon

"Thank you for inventing the Doorhickey.  Anne gifted us with one; we put it up immediately and LOVE it!  We will be ordering more on-line." 

Patty P.

"Mine got confiscated by a friend, so I need another one. Why couldn't she take the IPad or something else??  But she is recovering from hand surgery and it helped her tremendously!"

V. Thompson

"These are amazing!!!"

Vickie S.

"The Doorhickey is awesome! The directions say to clean the glass first. I cleaned the glass and it's still stuck to my door. I had people over and needed to go in and out of the patio door many times, and the Doorhickey made it very easy. I need to order another one for the other side of the door! I would recommend this nifty device."

Bill O.

“What a great idea. Got one for my birthday--I'm a summer griller (big time). No longer do I spill my meat plate on the floor of my patio. Never did believe in the five second rule for dropped food anyway."

Lori G.

“At first, I was experiencing buyers remorse because it popped off the door overnight. It popped off a second time and I decided to make sure the window was clean. It LOOKED clean, but there must have been a film or something...because once I cleaned the window well, it has remained right where I put it."

Laurie M.

“Just wanted you to know that I really like my Doorhickeys!  I go outside to water my Gutter Gardens...and I have jugs of water in each hand...so helpful!”



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