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Help! My Doorhickey fell off!

There are two main reasons that Doorhickeys fall off: 1. The non-porous surface, such as glass, isn't clean. 2. The Doorhickey handle hasn't been turned enough revolutions to create a strong suction. When properly installed, The Doorhickey should remain suctioned to your glass for a long time!

I can't get the handle loose from the suction cup.

Soak The Doorhickey in warm water, then try turning the handle and suction cup in opposite directions.

How do I remove The Doorhickey?

Simply turn the Doorhickey handle counter-clockwise several revolutions until you can use your fingertip to easily remove the suction cup from the glass.

How do I install The Doorhickey?

Follow these easy instructions to install The Doorhickey on glass and other non-porous surfaces.